Finance Litigation

Our litigation department, headed by Adv. Sagi Royzer has a rich resume of successful representation in business and financial disputes.

Our litigation department provides its clients with a comprehensive professional service that includes accompaniment in all stages of legal representation and all legal tribunals, using creative and dynamic strategies which lead its clients to the best results.
Our litigation services department covers all areas of commercial law, including shareholder disputes, partner disputes, control conflicts, investments, derivative claims, administrative procedures by the Securities Authority, real estate, etc.

The firm’s experience with commercial and financial day-to-day issues and the manner of representation required in the various tribunals allows the firm’s clients to receive complete and accurate services to their needs.

Our clients include leading Israeli companies and corporations, corporate officers and high-level management executives, real estate companies, and contractors, from the public and private sectors.
The firm operates in complete synergy between its departments, which gives it the capacity to handle various legal issues under one roof.

The firm’s clients include leading companies and corporations in the Israeli economy, office bearers, real estate companies, entrepreneurs, contractors, diverse businesses and private clients.

Our office operates in total synergy between its disputes and has the ability to handle the diverse issues that arise during the accompaniment of the current commercial affairs of its clients, under one roof.

Commercial Law

Commercial-Finance Litigation

Real Estate and Urban renewal